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04. 07.: Janwillem van de Wetering
05. 04.: Charlton Heston
20. 03.: Klaus Dinger
19. 03.: Arthur C. Clarke
18. 03.: Anthony Minghella
15. 03.: Mikey Dread
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01-03-2007: Kaiser Chiefs: Yours Truly, Angry Mob

28-02-2007: Blackfield II

23-02-2007: Dustin Kensrue: Please Come Home

23-02-2007: Anna Ternheim: Separation Road

15-02-2007: Aereogramme: My heart has a wish that you would not go

15-02-2007: Alkaline Trio: Remains

15-02-2007: David Judson Clemmons & The Fullbliss: Yes Sir

09-02-2007: Chris & Carla: Fly High Brave Dreamers

09-02-2007: Ladyfinger (ne): Heavy Hands

09-02-2007: Steve Skaith Band: Imaginary Friend

08-02-2007: The Shins: Wincing The Night Away

08-02-2007: Brand New: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

07-02-2007: Little Man Tate: About What You Know

05-02-2007: Naked Lunch: This Atom Heart of Ours

01-02-2007: Johnny Clegg: One Life

29-01-2007: The Cooper Temple Clause: Make This Your Own

26-01-2007: Jon Auer: Songs From The Year Of Our Demise

23-01-2007: Carla Bruni: No Promises

23-01-2007: A Broke Down Melody OST

22-01-2007: Dredg: Live At The Fillmore

22-01-2007: Michael Weston King: A New Kind Of Loneliness

22-01-2007: The Evens: Get Evens

22-01-2007: Asita Hamidis Bazaar: Live

15-12-2006: The Resentments: On My Way To See You

13-12-2006: Nikola Sarcevic: Roll Roll And Flee

11-12-2006: An Pierlé & White Velvet

11-12-2006: Trail Of Dead: So Divided

11-12-2006: Loreena McKennitt: An Ancient Muse

11-12-2006: Lloyd Cole: Antidepressant

07-12-2006: Damien Rice: 9

06-12-2006: Ray LaMontagne: Trouble

01-12-2006: Yusuf: An Other Cup

01-12-2006: My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

30-11-2006: Cerys Matthews: Never Said Goodbye

30-11-2006: Bert Jansch: The Black Swan

29-11-2006: Deftones: Saturday Night Wrist

28-11-2006: Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball - The Complete Concert

28-11-2006: Brian Setzer: 13

28-11-2006: Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie: Warten auf den Bumerang

28-11-2006: Henrik Schwarz: DJ-Kicks

28-11-2006: Mogwai: Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

27-11-2006: Saosin: Saosin

08-11-2006: Albert Hammond Jr.: Yours To Keep

08-11-2006: Isobel Campbell: Milkwhite Sheets

07-11-2006: Michael Weston King: Love's A Cover

31-10-2006: Sophia: Technology Won't Save Us

24-10-2006: Ben Folds: Supersunnyspeedgraphic, The LP

23-10-2006: Gus Black: Autumn Days - Official Bootleg

23-10-2006: Sophie Auster: Sophie Auster

15-10-2006: Gigantour

13-10-2006: Sting: Songs From The Labyrinth

10-10-2006: Bellowhead: Burlesque

10-10-2006: the psychedelic avengers present: Raumschiffkommandant remixed

06-10-2006: Amplifier: Insider

05-10-2006: Der Hund Marie: Hooligans & Tiny Hands

04-10-2006: Samiam: Whatever's Got You Down

04-10-2006: Fotos: Fotos

03-10-2006: Juliette And The Licks: Four On The Floor

01-10-2006: D-Flame: F.F.M.

29-09-2006: The Black Maria: A Shared History Of Tragedy

28-09-2006: Zox: The Wait

27-09-2006: Solillaquists Of Sound: As If We Existed

25-09-2006: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars: Living Like A Refugee

23-09-2006: Indigo Jones: 40 Miles

22-09-2006: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: The Letting Go

21-09-2006: Minor Majority: Reasons To Hang Around

21-09-2006: Nina Nastasia: On Leaving

20-09-2006: Thea Gilmore: Harpo's Ghost

19-09-2006: Now It's Overhead: Dark Light Daybreak

16-09-2006: Napalm Death: Smear Campaign

14-09-2006: Ani DiFranco: Reprieve

14-09-2006: Kelis: Kelis Was Here

13-09-2006: Maria McKee: Live-Acoustic Tour 2006

11-09-2006: Madeleine Peyroux: Half The Perfect World

07-09-2006: Rise Against: The Sufferer & The Witness

06-09-2006: Lambchop: Damaged

04-09-2006: Ian Kearey: Woodlouse

03-09-2006: Sport: Aufstieg und Fall der Gruppe 'Sport'

03-09-2006: Emirsian: A Gentle Kind Of Disaster

27-08-2006: Jan Delay: Mercedes-Dance

18-08-2006: Dar Williams: Out There Live

18-08-2006: Frankie Miller: Long Way Home

17-08-2006: Flogging Molly: Whiskey On A Sunday

17-08-2006: The Bronx: The Bronx

13-08-2006: Curse: Einblick Zurück!

02-08-2006: Bruce Cockburn: Life Short Call Now

31-07-2006: King Creosote: KC Rules OK

31-07-2006: Between The Buried And Me: The Anatomy Of

28-07-2006: Ballermann 6 präs. Die Weltmeister Hits 2006

27-07-2006: AFI: Decemberunderground

24-07-2006: The Delgados: The Complete BBC Peel Sessions

24-07-2006: Shadows Fall: Fallout From The War

14-07-2006: Nouvelle Vague: Bande à part

14-07-2006: Greg MacPherson: Sun Beats Down

14-07-2006: Head Automatica: Popaganda

12-07-2006: Giant Drag: Hearts And Unicorns

12-07-2006: Joan As Police Woman: Real Life

10-07-2006: Greg Graffin: Cold As The Clay

06-07-2006: Billy Talent: II

06-07-2006: Muse: Black Holes And Revelations

30-06-2006: Woven Hand: Mosaic

28-06-2006: Botanica: Berlin Hi-Fi

28-06-2006: Riverside: Voices In My Head

21-06-2006: The Automatic: Not Accepted Anywhere

15-06-2006: Makrosoft: Stereo Also Playable Mono

15-06-2006: The Forecast: In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen

14-06-2006: Paatos: Silence Of Another Kind

14-06-2006: Seachange: On Fire, With Love

14-06-2006: Fire In The Attic: I'll Beat You, City!

08-06-2006: Das Bierbeben: Alles fällt

06-06-2006: The Raconteurs: Broken Boy Soldier

01-06-2006: Dirty Pretty Things: Waterloo to anywhere

25-05-2006: The Black Heart Procession: The Spell

24-05-2006: Jewel: Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

23-05-2006: Okkervil River: Black Sheep Boy

22-05-2006: Ron Sexsmith: Time Being

19-05-2006: Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now

19-05-2006: Ani DiFranco: Carnegie Hall 4.6.2002

19-05-2006: Celtic Frost: Monotheist

19-05-2006: V.A.: The New Gold Standard

18-05-2006: Snow Patrol: Eyes Open

18-05-2006: Tribute To Nothing: How Many Times Did We Live?

18-05-2006: Refused: Refused Are Fucking Dead

18-05-2006: Phoenix: It's Never Been Like That

17-05-2006: Ignite: Our Darkest Days

17-05-2006: Rob Zombie: Educated Horses

17-05-2006: Ministry: Rio Grande Blood

17-05-2006: Built To Spill: You In Reverse

29-04-2006: The Gathering: Home

28-04-2006: Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime II

22-04-2006: Schandmaul: Mit Leib und Seele

21-04-2006: Skin: Fake Chemical State

20-04-2006: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness: Fear Is On Our Side

19-04-2006: Vanden Plas: Christ 0

18-04-2006: Hundred Reasons: Kill Your Own

17-04-2006: The Appleseed Cast: Peregrine

17-04-2006: Raised Fist: Sound Of The Republic

14-04-2006: Morningwood: Morningwood

10-04-2006: Josh Rouse: Subtítulo

10-04-2006: Massive Attack: Collected

09-04-2006: Bubba Sparxxx: The Charm

09-04-2006: Paul Wall: The Peoples Champ

08-04-2006: The Streets: The Hardest To Make An Easy Living

07-04-2006: Morrissey: Ringleader Of The Tormentors

07-04-2006: Ben Harper: Both Sides Of The Gun

04-04-2006: Evergrey: Monday Morning Apocalypse

04-04-2006: Public Enemy: Rebirth Of A Nation

04-04-2006: Infadels: We Are Not Infadels

03-04-2006: Rapsoul: Unbeschreiblich

02-04-2006: Ursula 1000: Here Comes Tomorrow

02-04-2006: My Chemical Romance: Life On The Murder Scene

31-03-2006: The Flaming Lips: At War With The Mystics

25-03-2006: Mogwai: Mr. Beast

24-03-2006: Josh Ritter: The Animal Years

24-03-2006: Placebo: Meds

24-03-2006: Voltaire: Heute ist jeder Tag

24-03-2006: Motorpsycho: Black Hole/Blank Canvas

22-03-2006: Laura Lopez Castro: Mi Libro Abierto

16-03-2006: Kari Bremnes: Over En By

16-03-2006: Katharina Franck: First Take Second Skin

16-03-2006: Death From Above 1979: Romance Bloody Romance

16-03-2006: Bolzplatz Heroes

16-03-2006: Architecture In Helsinki: In Case We Die

13-03-2006: Katja Werker: Leave That Thing Behind

13-03-2006: Jason Collett: Idols Of Exile

11-03-2006: Mudhoney: Under A Billion Suns

03-03-2006: Chris Jagger's Atcha!: Act of Faith

27-02-2006: Caliban: The Undying Darkness

27-02-2006: Declan de Barra: Song Of A Thousand Birds

22-02-2006: Tomte: Buchstaben über der Stadt

21-02-2006: Anouk: Hotel New York

20-02-2006: Two Gallants: What The Toll Tells

17-02-2006: Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit

16-02-2006: Gamine: Sabotage

14-02-2006: Pyranja: Laut & Leise

13-02-2006: Howie Beck: Howie Beck

08-02-2006: The Most Serene Republic: Underwater Cinematographer

07-02-2006: In Flames: Come Clarity

03-02-2006: Farin Urlaub Racing Team: Livealbum Of Death

03-02-2006: Christina Lux: Coming Home At Last

02-02-2006: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Ballad Of The Broken Seas

31-01-2006: Christian Kjellvander: Faya

19-01-2006: Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

19-01-2006: Madsen

18-01-2006: Anna: Ins Gesicht

12-01-2006: Blackmail: Aerial View

09-01-2006: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: A Present From The Past

08-01-2006: Alison Kinnaird: The Silver String

08-01-2006: Paul Dooley: Music from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript

30-12-2005: Home Of The Lame: Here, Of All Places

13-12-2005: Hans Söllner und Bayaman' Sissdem: Im Regen

12-12-2005: Rainald Grebe und die Kapelle der Versöhnung

10-12-2005: Curse: Sinnflut

02-12-2005: JR Ewing: Maelstrom

27-11-2005: Hell Is For Heroes: Transmit Disrupt

26-11-2005: Ben Lee: Awake Is The New Sleep

25-11-2005: V.A.: Deluxe Records - Let's Go

22-11-2005: Lil' Kim: The Naked Truth

22-11-2005: Coheed And Cambria: The Second Stage Turbine Blade

21-11-2005: Louis XIV: The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

19-11-2005: The Bear Quartet: Angry Brigade

18-11-2005: Vega: Sole Love

14-11-2005: Cave In: Perfect Pitch Black

11-11-2005: Funny van Dannen: Authentic Trip

11-11-2005: The Juliana Theory: Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat

10-11-2005: Kate Bush: Aerial

10-11-2005: Big Sweet Life: The Songs Of Jon Dee Graham

09-11-2005: I Muvrini: Alma

07-11-2005: Culcha Candela: The Next Generation

07-11-2005: Denyo: The Denyos

05-11-2005: Death Cab For Cutie: Plans

05-11-2005: Death From Above 1979: You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

05-11-2005: Amusement Parks on Fire

04-11-2005: Eric Fish: Zwilling

04-11-2005: Der Fischer und seine Frau

04-11-2005: Hansen Band: Keine Lieder über Liebe

04-11-2005: Michael Weston King: The Tender Place

04-11-2005: Deftones: B-Sides And Rarities

03-11-2005: dEUS: Pocket Revolution

03-11-2005: Hatesphere: The Sickness Within

02-11-2005: Riverside: Second Life Syndrome

01-11-2005: Jahcoozi: Pure Breed Mongrel

01-11-2005: Frank Popp Ensemble: Touch And Go

01-11-2005: Grandaddy: Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla

29-10-2005: Tiger Lou: The Loyal

27-10-2005: Ill Nino: One Nation Underground

26-10-2005: Nashville Pussy: Get Some!

25-10-2005: Thrice: Vheissu

25-10-2005: Sigur Rós: Takk

24-10-2005: Roll Deep: In At The Deep End

22-10-2005: Depeche Mode: Playing The Angel

20-10-2005: The Magic Numbers: The Magic Numbers

19-10-2005: Soulfly: Dark Ages

19-10-2005: Smoke Blow: Dark Angel

18-10-2005: The Royal We: The Royal We

17-10-2005: Starsailor: On The Outside

17-10-2005: Cathedral: The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

17-10-2005: Blackalicious: The Craft

14-10-2005: t.A.T.u.: Dangerous And Moving

14-10-2005: Vic Du Monte: Persona Non Grata

14-10-2005: Flexevil: David Vs. Goliath

14-10-2005: Ian Kearey & Paul Wigens: Golden Section

13-10-2005: TSAR: Band - Girls - Money

13-10-2005: Transplants: Haunted Cities

12-10-2005: Youth Group: Skeleton Jar

12-10-2005: Fish: Bouillabaisse

11-10-2005: The Cassette Played Poptones

07-10-2005: The Tea Party: Seven Circles

06-10-2005: Julia Hummer And Too Many Boys: Downtown Cocoluccia

05-10-2005: Ian McLagan: Here Comes Trouble

05-10-2005: Element Of Crime: Mittelpunkt der Welt

04-10-2005: Kate Rusby: The Girl Who Couln't Fly

04-10-2005: Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better

03-10-2005: K.C. McKanzie: Weird tunes from a wild mind

01-10-2005: Opeth: Ghost Reveries

30-09-2005: Tracy Chapman: Where You Live

29-09-2005: Gus Black: Autumn Days

22-09-2005: The Rolling Stones: A Bigger Bang

21-09-2005: Subway To Sally: Nord Nord Ost

15-09-2005: Duck Soup: Duck Soup

14-09-2005: The Walkabouts: Acetylene

09-09-2005: Washington: A New Order Rising

08-09-2005: Kaizers Orchestra: Maestro

07-09-2005: I can't relax in Deutschland

06-09-2005: Mick Harvey: One Man's Treasure

05-09-2005: Jansen & Kowalski: Action

01-09-2005: Heinz Strunk: Trittschall im Kriechkeller

27-08-2005: Kaiser Chiefs: Employment

23-08-2005: Sampler: Thai Beat A Go-Go 2+3

15-08-2005: Hard-Fi: Stars Of CCTV

11-08-2005: Schandmaul: Kunststück

09-08-2005: Bob Mould: Body Of Song

08-08-2005: Elke: Wilder Westen

28-07-2005: Jon Dee Graham: First Bear On The Moon

27-07-2005: Hobotalk: Notes On Sunset

26-07-2005: Iggy Pop: A Million In Prizes & Live At Avenue B

25-07-2005: World Leader Pretend: Punches

22-07-2005: John Hiatt: Master Of Disaster

21-07-2005: Midnight Choir: All Tomorrow's Tears

20-07-2005: Belle & Sebastian: Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

19-07-2005: Nile: Annihilation Of The Wicked

19-07-2005: Sioen: Ease Your Mind

18-07-2005: M83: Before The Dawn Heals Us

16-07-2005: The Coral: The Invisible Invasion

15-07-2005: Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made

15-07-2005: The Robocop Kraus: They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus

14-07-2005: Team Sleep: Team Sleep

14-07-2005: Funeral For A Friend: Hours

14-07-2005: Static-X: Start A War

13-07-2005: Timo Maas: Pictures

13-07-2005: Ray Wilson: Live

12-07-2005: Roisin Murphy: Ruby Blue

12-07-2005: Union Youth: The Boring Years

12-07-2005: Tiefschwarz: Eat Books

11-07-2005: Bloodsimple: A Cruel World

11-07-2005: Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Acoustic Grand Cru Classé

11-07-2005: Röyksopp: The Understanding

10-07-2005: Thirteen Senses: The Invitation

08-07-2005: Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie: Das beige Album

07-07-2005: Motion Pictures: Motion Pictures

06-07-2005: The Church: El Momento Descuidado

05-07-2005: Dropkick Murphys: The Warrior's Code

29-06-2005: The Get Up Kids: Live! @ The Granada Theater

29-06-2005: Paal Flaata: Rain

28-06-2005: Dredg: Catch Without Arms

28-06-2005: Lori McKenna: The Kitchen Tapes

27-06-2005: Yann Tiersen: Les Retrouvailles

27-06-2005: Alkaline Trio: Crimson

21-06-2005: Shadow Gallery: Room V

15-06-2005: Life Of Agony: Broken Valley

13-06-2005: Levellers: Truth & Lies

11-06-2005: The HaveNots: Never Say Goodnight

09-06-2005: Turin Brakes: JackInABox

07-06-2005: Mägo de Oz: Gaia

06-06-2005: The Seer: Arrival

02-06-2005: Mylo: Destroy Rock'n'Roll

31-05-2005: Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures - Part One

28-05-2005: Maria McKee: Peddlin' Dreams

27-05-2005: KT Tunstall: Eye To The Telescope

26-05-2005: Maria Taylor: 11:11

25-05-2005: Shortie: Without Promise

23-05-2005: Studio Braun: Ein Kessel Braunes

18-05-2005: Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Geisterfaust

17-05-2005: Patrice: Nile

17-05-2005: Tweet: It's Me Again

15-05-2005: Baby Bash: Super Saucy

15-05-2005: Junias: Signal

14-05-2005: Tiger Tunes: Absolutely Worthless Compared To Important Books

14-05-2005: Will Smith: Lost And Found

14-05-2005: Dorfdisko: Unterwegs

13-05-2005: Turbonegro: Party Animals

13-05-2005: Lyrics Born: Same !@#$ Different Day

13-05-2005: Corrosion Of Conformity: In The Arms Of God

12-05-2005: David Olney: Migration

11-05-2005: Ezio: Live In Cambridge

10-05-2005: Steve Hackett: Metamorpheus

10-05-2005: Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm

09-05-2005: Ocean Colour Scene: A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad

08-05-2005: Befreit! Lieder und Texte nach dem 8. Mai

28-04-2005: Morrissey: Live At Earls Court

27-04-2005: Steve Skaith Band: Empires & Us

25-04-2005: Ben Folds: Songs For Silverman

25-04-2005: Calvin Russell: In Spite Of It All

22-04-2005: Sonny Black & Saad: Carlo Cokxxx Nutten II

22-04-2005: Adema: Planets

22-04-2005: The Evens: The Evens

21-04-2005: Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

21-04-2005: Saul Williams: Saul Williams

21-04-2005: Fidget: The Merciless Beauty

21-04-2005: Alec Empire: Futurist

20-04-2005: Various: Verve Remixed/Unmixed 3

14-04-2005: Daft Punk: Human After All

13-04-2005: Millencolin: Kingwood

12-04-2005: K-Os: Joyful Rebellion

09-04-2005: Such A Surge: Alpha

08-04-2005: Pink Turns Blue: Phoenix

08-04-2005: Kool Savas & Azad: One

07-04-2005: Robin Laing: Ebb And Flow

06-04-2005: Farin Urlaub: Am Ende der Sonne

04-04-2005: Wir sind Helden: Von hier an blind

31-03-2005: Cho-Jin: Woanders

26-03-2005: Evergrey: Live - A Night To Remember

25-03-2005: Killswitch Engage: The End Of Heartache

24-03-2005: Favez: Old And Strong In The Modern Times

23-03-2005: Sarah Bettens: Scream

20-03-2005: The Wedding Present: Take Fountain

19-03-2005: Janove Ottesen: Francis' Lonely Nights

18-03-2005: Paradise Lost: Paradise Lost

17-03-2005: M. Ward: Transistor Radio

11-03-2005: Traening: Better Than This

10-03-2005: Under Byen: Det Er Mig Der Holder Træerne Sammen

09-03-2005: Stoppok: Solo - Live

08-03-2005: Minor Majority: Up For You & I

07-03-2005: Trick Daddy: Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets

06-03-2005: Kettcar: Von Spatzen und Tauben

01-03-2005: Kino: Picture

28-02-2005: Josh Rouse: Nashville

27-02-2005: Savoy Grand: People And What They Want

19-02-2005: V.A.: Dirty Laundry

15-02-2005: Ani Di Franco: Knuckle Down

14-02-2005: Absynthe Minded: Acquired Taste

12-02-2005: K-Maro: La Good Life

11-02-2005: Head Automatica: Decadence

10-02-2005: General Patton Vs. The X-Ecutioners

10-02-2005: Biffy Clyro: Infinity Land

09-02-2005: Ambulance Ltd.: LP

08-02-2005: RPWL: World Through My Eyes

08-02-2005: Akon: Trouble

07-02-2005: The Thrills: Let's Bottle Bohemia

07-02-2005: Tocotronic: Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen

07-02-2005: Spock's Beard: Octane

02-02-2005: Apocalyptica: Apocalyptica

01-02-2005: Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman's Woman

31-01-2005: Black Maria: Lead Us To Reason

27-01-2005: Mike Katz: A Month Of Sundays

25-01-2005: Bright Eyes: Digital Ash In A Digital Urn

25-01-2005: Bright Eyes: I'm Wide Awake

25-01-2005: Pete Astor: Hal's Eggs

24-01-2005: Trail Of Dead: Worlds Apart

13-12-2004: Clann Zú: Black Coats & Bandages

13-12-2004: Eminem: Encore

13-12-2004: Minus 8: Eclectica

13-12-2004: Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon

12-12-2004: England's dreaming

12-12-2004: Jan Degenhardt: Stimmen hinter'm Spiegel

09-12-2004: Trüby Trio: Retreated

08-12-2004: DFA Compilation 2

08-12-2004: OST: Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

08-12-2004: Sampler: Åtömström

07-12-2004: Tiefschwarz: Misch Masch

07-12-2004: Motorpsycho: Presents The International Tussler Society

07-12-2004: Social Distortion: Sex, Love And Rock'n'Roll

06-12-2004: Son, Ambulance: Key

06-12-2004: Shepherd: The Coldest Deny

05-12-2004: Handsome Boy Modeling School: White People

05-12-2004: Phoenix: LIVE! ThirtyDaysAgo

05-12-2004: Rage: From The Cradle To The Stage

04-12-2004: Frausdots: Couture, Couture, Couture

04-12-2004: Dynamo Productions: Get It Together

04-12-2004: Dizzee Rascal: Showtime

28-11-2004: Straylight Run: Straylight Run

27-11-2004: Bushido: Electro Ghetto

27-11-2004: Heimvorteil: Die St. Pauli CD

26-11-2004: Culcha Candela: Union Verdadera

26-11-2004: Camper van Beethoven: New Roman Times

26-11-2004: Mos Def: The New Danger

25-11-2004: Mardi Gras.BB: 29 Moonglow

25-11-2004: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

25-11-2004: Lateef & The Chief: Maroons: Ambush

25-11-2004: Joy Denalane: Manami Live

24-11-2004: Annett Louisan: Bohème

24-11-2004: Jedi Mind Tricks: Legacy Of Blood

23-11-2004: Jimmy Eat World: Futures

23-11-2004: Woven Hand: Consider The Birds

18-11-2004: Goldie Lookin Chain: Greatest Hits

17-11-2004: David Judson Clemmons: Life In The Kingdom Of Agreement

15-11-2004: King's X: Live All Over The Place

11-11-2004: Talib Kweli: The Beautiful Struggle

10-11-2004: Lawn: Backspace

10-11-2004: Ian Brown: Solarized

09-11-2004: Mick Hanly: Wish Me Well

26-10-2004: Cocún: Zoë In Exile

26-10-2004: Aereogramme: Seclusion

25-10-2004: Blues Explosion: Damage

25-10-2004: Pain Of Salvation: BE

14-10-2004: The Killers: Hot Fuss

14-10-2004: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting Remixes

13-10-2004: Soulwax: Any Minute Now

13-10-2004: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Origin Volume I

13-10-2004: Helmet: Size Matters

12-10-2004: The Faint: Wet From Birth

08-10-2004: Blues Explosion: Damage

08-10-2004: Battlefield Band: Out For The Night

08-10-2004: The More I See: The Wolves Are Hungry

07-10-2004: Interpol: Antics

29-09-2004: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus

27-09-2004: Wiglaf Droste und das Spardosenterzett: Das Konzert

25-09-2004: BoDeans: Resolution

23-09-2004: Finkenauer: Völlig Egal

22-09-2004: Brand Nubian: Fire In The Hole

22-09-2004: Sommerset: Say What You Want

22-09-2004: Nosliw: Mittendrin

20-09-2004: The Good Life: Album Of The Year

20-09-2004: Beatnuts: Milk Me

20-09-2004: Justin Sullivan And Friends: Tales Of The Road

20-09-2004: The Mooney Suzuki: Alive & Amplified

20-09-2004: Static-X: Beneath, Between, Beyond

17-09-2004: Blackfield: Blackfield

17-09-2004: The Secret Machines: Now Here Is Nowhere

17-09-2004: MPS Jazzreworks

17-09-2004: The Hidden Hand: Mother Teacher Destroyer

17-09-2004: Sharkey: Sharkey's Machine

16-09-2004: Gibby Haynes And His Problem: Gibby Haynes And His Problem

16-09-2004: Thomas Dybdahl: That Great October Sound

16-09-2004: Sons And Daughters: Love The Cup

15-09-2004: Midtown: Forget What You Know

15-09-2004: The Libertines: The Libertines

15-09-2004: Max Herre: Max Herre

14-09-2004: Radio 4: Stealing Of A Nation

14-09-2004: Rogue Wave: Out Of The Shadow

08-09-2004: Third Day: Wire

08-09-2004: DJ Teebee: The Legacy

06-09-2004: Maria Solheim: Frail

02-09-2004: Samy Deluxe: Verdammtnochma!

31-08-2004: 213: The Hard Way

23-08-2004: Venus In Flames: Notes Of Tenderness

18-08-2004: Sluts Of Trust: We Are All Sluts Of Trust

18-08-2004: Katzenstreik: ...Solves Your Problems

17-08-2004: Willie Dunn: Son of the sun

16-08-2004: Der Plan: Die Verschwörung

16-08-2004: Ferris MC: Ferris MC

16-08-2004: Von Spar: Die uneingeschränkte Freiheit...

16-08-2004: Sparta: Porcelain

15-08-2004: Swosh!: The Whole Nine Yards

15-08-2004: The Solution: Communicate!

15-08-2004: M.O.P.: Mash Out Posse

15-08-2004: Fünf Sterne Deluxe: Wir Sind Im Haus

15-08-2004: Dillinja: My Sound

14-08-2004: The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Armed Love

06-08-2004: Tiger Army: III: Ghost Tigers Rise

06-08-2004: Tiger Lou: Is My Head Still On?

06-08-2004: Sedoussa: Sedoussa

06-08-2004: Dynamite MC: World of Dynamite

05-08-2004: Blue States: The Soundings

05-08-2004: Syntax: Meccano Mind

05-08-2004: The Catheters: Howling... It Grows And Grows!!!

05-08-2004: Ikara Colt: Modern Apprentice

05-08-2004: The Album Leaf: In A Safe Place

04-08-2004: The Devastations: The Devastations

04-08-2004: Kristofer Åström: Loupita

04-08-2004: Gift Of Gab: 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up

03-08-2004: Illumination: This Is Chilluminati

03-08-2004: King Khan & The Shrines: Mr. Supernatural

03-08-2004: Mellow Mark: Das 5te Element

03-08-2004: The Hives: Tyrannosaurus Hives

02-08-2004: Wale Oyejide: One Day... Everything Changed

02-08-2004: Moabeat: Dringlichkeit Besteht Immer

02-08-2004: Donots: Got The Noise

02-08-2004: Christina Milian: It's About Time

02-08-2004: Two Lone Swordsmen: From The Double Gone Chapel

23-07-2004: Stellastarr*: Stellastarr*

22-07-2004: Nicole Willis: Be It

22-07-2004: Josh Martinez: Buck Up Princess

22-07-2004: David Grubbs: A Guess At The Riddle

19-07-2004: The Bees: Free The Bees

19-07-2004: Beastie Boys: To The 5 Boroughs

19-07-2004: The Datsuns: Outta Sight/Outta Mind

11-07-2004: Eric Fish: Live - Auge in Auge

11-07-2004: Neurosis: The Eye Of Every Storm

11-07-2004: Kings Of Convenience: Riot On An Empty Street

08-07-2004: Kelly Family: Homerun

08-07-2004: Various Artists: Vienna Scientists IV

08-07-2004: Bad Religion: The Empire Strikes First

07-07-2004: TOC: Loss Angeles

06-07-2004: Das Bo: Best of III alleine

02-07-2004: Eagles Of Death Metal: Peace Love Death Metal

24-06-2004: Charlie Hart: Grooves And Roots

14-06-2004: Adem: Homesongs

11-06-2004: Henry McCullough: Unfinished Business

09-06-2004: Das Bierbeben: No future no past

08-06-2004: The Resentments: The Resentments

07-06-2004: Eric Burdon: My Secret Life

06-06-2004: Josh Ritter: Golden Age Of Radio

06-06-2004: Rantanplan: Junger Mann zum Mitreisen gesucht

06-06-2004: Piebald: All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

31-05-2004: Maritime: Glass Floor

23-05-2004: Modey Lemon: Thunder + Lightning

20-05-2004: Ron Sexsmith: Retriever

18-05-2004: Marillion: Marbles

18-05-2004: Jerry Gaskill: Come Somewhere

12-05-2004: Bernd Begemann & die Befreiung: Unsere Liebe ist ein Aufstand

11-05-2004: Amplifier: Amplifier

11-05-2004: Kaizers Orchestra: Evig Pint

10-05-2004: Sylvan: X-rayed

10-05-2004: The Alarm: In The Poppy Fields

09-05-2004: Josh Ritter: Hello Starling

09-05-2004: Sarah Harmer: All Of Our Names

09-05-2004: Haggard: Eppur Si Muove

01-05-2004: Schandmaul: Wie Pech & Schwefel

01-05-2004: Katie Melua: Call Off The Search

01-05-2004: Hothouse Flowers: Into Your Heart

01-05-2004: Evergrey: The Inner Circle

07-04-2004: 4 Hero: The Remix Album

05-04-2004: Paul James Berry: Nations

29-03-2004: Now It's Overhead: Fall Back Open

26-03-2004: Snuff: Greasy Hair Makes Money

26-03-2004: Chicago Underground Trio: Slon

21-03-2004: The Bronx: The Bronx

21-03-2004: Hans Söllner: Oiwei I

21-03-2004: Poems For Laila: Frühstück in Budapest

21-03-2004: OOIOO: Kila Kila Kila

20-03-2004: Various Artists: Rock Action Presents Vol. 1

20-03-2004: V.A.: Neue Heimat 4

20-03-2004: V.A.: Buddha-Bar VI

20-03-2004: DJ Friction: Soulsonic

15-03-2004: Sophia: De Nachten

09-03-2004: The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow

09-03-2004: Ostinato: Left Too Far Behind

08-03-2004: Cellophane Suckers: Can't Say No

08-03-2004: Naked Lunch: Songs For The Exhausted

08-03-2004: Firewater: The Man On The Burning Tightrope

07-03-2004: Kvlr: Kvlr

06-03-2004: Last Days Of April: If You Lose It

05-03-2004: Kate Rogers: St. Eustacia

05-03-2004: Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks

04-03-2004: Josh Ritter: Golden Age Of Radio

03-03-2004: Me And Cassity: Between Wake And Sleep

02-03-2004: Bowes & Morley: Mo's Barbeque

01-03-2004: Beatsteaks: Smack Smash

26-02-2004: Tenfold Loadstar: Mellow garden

26-02-2004: Pain Of Salvation: 12:5

24-02-2004: Franz Ferdinand

23-02-2004: Monster Magnet: Monolithic Baby

22-02-2004: UFO: You Are Here

22-02-2004: Voice Of A Generation: The Final Oddition

22-02-2004: Chris Eckman: The Black Field

21-02-2004: Thursday: War All The Times

21-02-2004: Savath & Savalas: Apropa't

21-02-2004: Beulah: Yoko

16-02-2004: Lambchop: AWCMON/NOYOUCMON

16-02-2004: Astral Doors: Of The Son And The Father

13-02-2004: Damien Rice: O

13-02-2004: Threshold: Critical Energy

10-02-2004: Gluecifer: Automatic Thrill

09-02-2004: Clann Zú: Rúa

01-02-2004: Die Aeronauten: Zu gut für diese Welt

01-02-2004: Dover: The Flame

29-01-2004: Kaizers Orchestra: Ompa til du dor

28-01-2004: Gus Black: Uncivilized Love

28-01-2004: Hatebreed: The Rise Of Brutality

26-01-2004: Conjure One

25-01-2004: Isobel Campbell: Amorino

25-01-2004: Iced Earth: The Glorious Burden

24-01-2004: Disorder On The Border: Vol. 1

24-01-2004: Necro: Brutality Pt. 1

23-01-2004: Sophia: People Are Like Seasons

18-01-2004: Mark Ronson: Here Comes The Fuzz

11-01-2004: The Long Winters: When I Pretend To Fall

07-01-2004: Terry Lee Hale: Tender Loving Hell

05-01-2004: Powderfinger: Vulture Street

04-01-2004: Snapcase: Bright Flashes

03-01-2004: Julie Delpy

20-12-2003: Buddy and the huddle: Monument for John Kaltenbrunner

19-12-2003: The Beautiful South: Gaze

18-12-2003: Funny van Dannen: Herzscheisse

17-12-2003: Fireball Ministry: The Second Great Awakening

14-12-2003: Alicia Keys: The Diary Of Alicia Keys

01-12-2003: Elliott Murphy: Strings Of The Storm

01-12-2003: Justin Balk: Justin Balk

30-11-2003: Skew Siskin: Album Of The Year

18-11-2003: Anathema: A Natural Disaster

17-11-2003: Christiansen: Stylish Nihilists

17-11-2003: Mustasch: Ratsafari

16-11-2003: Guano Apes: Live

15-11-2003: M. A. Numminen & Sanna Pietiäinen und Das Neorustikale Tango-Orchester: Finnischer Tango

11-11-2003: The Fire Theft

11-11-2003: Asian Dub Foundation: Live

11-11-2003: Anberlin: Blueprints For The Black Market

11-11-2003: Katja Riemann Oktett: Favourites

09-11-2003: Three Days Grace

08-11-2003: Olli Schulz & der Hund Marie: Brichst Du mir das Herz, dann brech' ich Dir die Beine!

06-11-2003: 31 Knots: It Was High Time To Escape

06-11-2003: Van Morrison: What's Wrong With This Picture?

04-11-2003: Muff Potter: Heute wird gewonnen, bitte.

02-11-2003: Vertigo

01-11-2003: Danko Jones: We Sweat Blood

27-10-2003: Rotes Haus: 73,29 minutes to save the world

27-10-2003: This is Bad Taste Vol. 5

25-10-2003: Hits and Misses

22-10-2003: Life Of Agony: River Runs Again

21-10-2003: Terrorgruppe: Fundamental

21-10-2003: Joan Baez: Dark Chords On A Big Guitar

15-10-2003: Kari Bremnes: You'd Have To Be Here

13-10-2003: 3582: Situational Ethics

13-10-2003: Ranarim: För Världen Älskar Vad Som Är Brokot

12-10-2003: Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism

09-10-2003: California Guitar Trio: The First Decade

08-10-2003: Bob Catley: When Empires Burn

24-09-2003: The Carlsonics

22-09-2003: Adema: Unstable

14-09-2003: Josh Rouse: 1972

04-04-2003: Tomte: Hinter all diesen Fenstern

17-08-2002: Depeche Mode: One Night in Paris

24-04-2002: Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

12-03-2002: Lambchop: Is A Woman